What is Si Se Mueve?
For those who haven’t been following the discussion on the Figueroa For All Facebook group, a bunch of us have decided to turn Gil Cedillo’s horrible decision to kill the road diet on North Figueroa Street into something positive: a bike and walk “festival” in NELA.

After an informal vote both in person and online, we decided on the name “Si Se Mueve”

Si Se Mueve is a collaboration between several community based groups that aim to promote active and healthy lifestyles in our community through multimodal forms of transportation in NELA. Through this collaborative we will host free community events that celebrate healthy forms of living. We are also open to other organizations to host a bike ride, walk, run, hike, or a cruise on a skates or skateboards.

The whole effort is an all-volunteer project: we set up a calendar and run some marquee events. With enough outreach to the community locally and the greater LA area, we bring an audience to walking and bicycling events in NELA.